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Ways To Increase Website Traffic With Articles

Everyone nearly always wants to know how to increase website traffic and drive more targeted website traffic to their web page or blog on a daily basis. This is certainly normally attained by working various SEO traffic methods which help to increase website traffic by either doing it yourself or hiring an experienced person to do this work for them. In the former case, you will end up spending much more time doing it yourself as the processes are very time consuming and cumbersome while in the latter case, you’ll save on time but turn out spending a good amount of money for a SEO service provider.

However, there is certainly one technique which you can use to increase website traffic without having to spend too much or investing lots of time and effort. Using Articles to increase website traffic!

Now the next question that could come to your thoughts are;

How can Article Writing increase website traffic?

It’s quite simple really! The Internet comprises of plenty of information and there are a lot of people, researchers and webmasters who will be looking out for content for his or her blogs and websites. They’ve got a choice where they can either create their own content or search for a reliable article which they might utilize easily and quickly. This is often where you come into play.

This article will describe the points of which you are required to keep in mind while writing your article:

Choosing your Headline:

One must always make a headline that’s appealing. A catchy headline will attract the attention of your viewer all of which will appeal to them to read the article.

Recommended Word Count:

The best article is one which will convey a message, strategy and tips in 500 to 750 words. Making articles too long will dilute the attention from the reader and may even be regarded as a drag.

Recommended Content Software program:

The very best software is Microsoft Word as it has a spell check, word count option, synonyms option, etc. If you don’t have Word, you can use Open Office Word (which is free) or you can use Notepad.

Bio box:

This is when one hits the bulls-eye. Write about yourself, place a link to your website, add a freebie if at all possible, create a call to take action phrase (Download now, Submit now, Click the link, Submit here, etc).

Editing You Article:

After you have written your content, don’t forget to proofread and edit it. Be sure the article is grammatically correct and free of any spelling mistakes, etc.

Now that you’re completed writing the content, the next thing should be to find an online website where you can submit your article to. In this way it is also possible for you to build a web based archive of your entire articles. If they have an article cms, then it’ll be excellent as it automates the submission of the article to your website.

Techniques to increase your website traffic through articles.

This consists of submitting your article to the top pr article submission websites that’ll publish your article on their web site.

Produce a blog in the event you don’t have one and post the article there also.

Create an eBook with an assortment of articles that relate to a topic and give it away for nothing. Whenever you give it away free of charge, you’re actually doing viral marketing which brings in wide exposure.

Add the article in your web blog and when possible do try to generate a little extra revenue with the addition of Google AdSense to it.

You can also create an e-course regarding the articles you have written and send it out through an auto-responder.

Use any social media marketing to create awareness around your posting.

Submit your article to various article announcement groups. One example is Yahoo Groups. These groups give lots of eyeballs to your article as they usually are used on their own websites.

By adopting the techniques listed above, you will be able to receive lots of incoming links which is a great way to increase website traffic and the performance of your respective webpage.

Article Marketing is one of the best ways to increase website traffic for free. Use it every day if you can.

Increasing Website Traffic – Search Engines

December 16th, 2009 1 comment

Increasing Website Traffic coming from the search engines is actually pretty easy if you know what needs to be done so you can get ranked by the search engines.

Search engines are the best resources that you can use to increase website traffic, and with this blog post, I hope to show you how to increase website traffic for free using the search engines.

So lets get started…

The first and foremost important thing you need to do is some keyword research on a niche topic that you know something about. Your basic knowledge about the topic does not have to be lots, just enough to write a short 200 – 300 blog post or even an article to post to different article directories.

So lets get started so we can increase website traffic to your web sites.

First, head on over to the Google Keyword Tool website and type in a search phrase that you would like to get website traffic for. For this example, I am going to use the pets niche and do a search for popular dog breeds.

Popular Dog Breeds

Popular Dog

 As you can see from the above image, the search term Popular Dog Breeds gets searched for approximately 8,100 times per month on Google.

Now the next step that we must do is find out what kind of competition we have on Google for this term.

Make a quick search on Google for your search term in quotes this time like this – “Popular Dog Breeds” and you should get a result something like the image below.

Popular Dog Breeds Google Results

Popular Dog Breeds Google Results

With over 69,000 unique competing pages, this search term might be a little hard to rank for and increase your website traffic, just keep on doing your keyword research like above and try to find a highly searched term that has less than 10,000 competing pages.

Keep in mind that you can do this for any niche that you want to increase website traffic to your website for. Just do your research, write some blog posts about all the related terms for your keyword, and before you know it, you will be getting free website traffic from the search engines.

Effective Link Building To Increase Website Traffic

November 28th, 2009 8 comments

Any type of effective link building campaign requires a major ingredient: It’s called, variation in anchor text and source sites.

If you are getting the back links in order to increase website traffic and get better rankings in major search engines, then you need a variety of different anchor text links from a variety of different source types.

The goal is to get back links that are natural and organic. The kind that visitors and search engines love the most. The kind that occur naturally on their own.

A common mistake that occurs when webmasters and bloggers try to promote their website, they tend to stick to one type of link building strategy alone. Some are essentially just marketing with articles, others prefer social bookmarking, commenting on some blogs related to their niche, etc.

This is not what I would call effective link building.

Ideally, you want to have a variety of links from a variety of different types of websites all pointing back to you.

An effective link building campaign is one that appears more natural. Google counts links to your site as ‘votes’ for your content, and they are most interested in what other sites / people have to say about you, than what you say.

To create this natural look for your incoming links, you need to use a variation of sites and text for your back links. You want to build back links from blog posts, blog comments, social bookmarking sites, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, web pages, press releases (if any), article directories, specialized directories, forums discussion, etc.

You want a variety of anchor text in those links as well. This is achieved by using the best keyword phrases that relate to your main keyword, or using more than one keyword phrase that is relevant to the content of your blog or web page.

The advantage of using the variety of different keyword phrases in your anchor text is not only that your links appear more natural, which means they will have more weight with the major search engines, but you can achieve top search engine rankings for more than one search phrase and this will increase website traffic with targeted website visitors over time to your website..

You can create an effective link building campaign by simply jump-starting the buzz for your blog or website, and with great content, you’ll end up with much more natural back links, in addition to those you create yourself.

This is not something you’ll want to do for every single page on your website or for every single new blog post. Simply linking to your main page will do wonders for your search engine rankings. The search engine spiders will follow and index other pages on your site, people will still click through to your site and read other posts you have and possibly link back to the pages they like the most.

An effective link building strategy to increase website traffic to your blog from the search engines could include:

» Create internal links from pages related to your blog / site
» Tweet your link on twitter and ask for comments
» Post the link to your blog or website on your Facebook profile or page
» If a blog, create pingbacks to related blog posts
» Comment on posts that are on related blogs using your special link in the URL field
» Publish a video on YouTube related to your niche, including the hyperlink in the description field
» Add the link to your profiles on all your forums that you are active on for discussion
» Include the link in your forum signature on forums related to your niche
» Submit relevant articles to article directories with the link in the signature
» Submit a press release (if appropriate for your piece of content)
» Write guest blog posts on blogs related to your niche, with the link in your signature
» Engage in conversations Cross-blog with other bloggers
» Provide your link with other 5-10 related websites on your list of social bookmarking sites
» If the link is to the main page of your blog or website, add to niche directories and blog / RSS directories
» If you have really good content, these strategies will launch a natural buzz with new unsolicited links from various sources. People will find your content and then stumble, Tweet, bookmark or link to your blog. And that’s exactly what you want.

Of course, this task will take time and hard work – especially at first. But once you identify the best sites to help with your link building, you’ll see that it becomes faster and easier with time. You’ll have a list of blogs in your RSS reader, a list of niche forums that you’re involved with, etc., and you can also assign tasks to others once you get a working strategy in place.

The variation in anchor text and websites you use is extremely important to building effective relationships with others. Never reject an opportunity because of the link Page Rank, no follow attribute, lack of option to include anchor text, etc. You need those links to compensate for your highly optimized back links to your site … to avoid the dreaded “over-optimization” (i.e.: the manipulation of search engines and keyword spam).

The original Author of this article is Lynn Terry. She has a great blog with lots of information.