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Increase Website Traffic – Traffic Tactics

I always knew that when I first started internet marketing, I would have to find some good traffic tactics that would work for me to increase website traffic to my affiliate links, and at first, this was no easy task. I never knew how important it would actually be to have targeted website visitors in order to make money promoting affiliate products. I thought that every easy and free way that I could find to increase traffic to my website would work, boy was I wrong!

My advice about that? Don’t make the same mistake that I did, learn website promotion that works!

When you first start your website promotion, don’t think that all free website traffic is created equal. There is such a thing as bad and good ways for driving traffic to your website.

Guidelines To Increase Targeted Website Traffic

You need to get real time web traffic analysis for all your websites that you are promoting. You need to know where your traffic is coming from, what search engine keywords people are using to find your website, what websites are actually producing sales from the traffic they are sending…

I know, you may be thinking “How can I get all this information?”

Well, what I have learned is to always track my results. Clickbank for instants allows you to enter tracking codes into your affiliate links so when you make a sale, you will see this tracking code and you’ll know exactly where this person came from accordingly. To make this work, all you need to do is create a unique tracking code for each web site traffic builder that you use.

You should be using Link Cloaking, Splash Pages and or Landing Pages in all your website promotion.

The reason for this is simple. Using these you can add Google Analytics to your web pages and receive full, real time traffic reports. The traffic stats that Google Analytics gives you are in-depth and full of useful information that you can use to increase targeted website traffic. With your Google Analytics traffic stats, you can fine tune your website promotion to get more traffic from the websites that send targeted visitors, and stop promoting to the websites that send garbage traffic, this alone will help you to sell more affiliate products and make more money.