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Blogging Underground Increase Website Traffic Fast

Blogging Underground ReviewBlogging underground by Mike Liebner, is this the real deal for getting your websites to the top of the search engines?

We all know that if you want to increase your website traffic, the best way to do this is to get your site ranked in the top spots of the search engines right?

Well how do we get top search engine rankings and increase our targeted website traffic?

We do this by building targeted and relevant website backlinks pointing back to our websites.

This can be a very time consuming and daunting task but would it not be great to be able to build thousands of relevant backlinks on total autopilot?

So what exactly can blogging underground do for you and your website?

Well first and foremost, blogging underground is a membership site, they offer members access to post in an aged network of over 350 high quality blogs that Google loves and respects. These are aged sites that have many pages indexed. As a member of Blogging Underground, you will be able to post in these blogs and build backlinks pointing back to your pages exactly the way that will get you top search engine rankings fast and easy. The blogs are on aged domains and are spread out on different servers all over the world.

When you join Blogging Underground you can start posting and building these backlinks in their network of high PR blogs immediately. Many members are reporting getting their pages and websites indexed within only a few short hours after posting their links and report top search engine rankings in just a few days after posting their links in the blog network.

How incredible is that?

If you want to save time and get the inside edge on top rankings on Google you should consider a membership at Blogging Underground. It’s very affordable and will save you time and money getting the right kind of links so that you can start building your targeted website traffic immediately.

I’m going to be writing a full blogging underground review very shortly, I’m just finishing up my preliminary testing of it.

So be watching for my full Blogging underground Review, in the mean time, go check out the website and get the free downloads they are offering you.

Official Blogging Underground Website

Top Search Engine Ranking

December 30th, 2010 5 comments

Top Search Engine RankingSo you want to get top search engine ranking for your websites hey, well this is actually not as hard as most people think it is. All it takes is some good planing, a little research for your keywords, some work on building your backlinks and a little on page SEO for the page that you want to get ranked.

Well let`s get started.

A great way to increase your Internet traffic from the search engines is to try to target lower competition keyword phrases. For this post, I’m going to be targeting the keyword search “Top Search Engine Ranking”.

I will be breaking this post up into different posts as I start doing my SEO work to rank for it, so you can follow along with me and do the exact same thing on your blogs for any keyword that you want to rank for.

Keep in mind, that this keyword is pretty competitive, and will take more work to rank than a keyword with less competition, but this will prove as a great resource for you to follow, so lets get started.

First, let’s take a look at the search volume on Google for this search term.

Total Searches Made

So by using the Google Keyword Tool, we found that this search term receives 3,600 Broad searches, and 1,600 Exact searches monthly.

Let’s now check to see what the competition is for this search term.

Ranking Competition

As you can see, this search term has roughly 249 million resulting pages that get returned, We still have one more search to make to check on this search term.

Exact Ranking Competition

This time, we received roughly 538 thousand resulting pages that got returned. Still pretty high competition and will be a great term to show you how to rank for.

Now you might be wondering, why make the search in quotes?

Well when you make your search in Quotes, Google will return only pages with the Exact search term that you’re looking for. So in our case, Google only returned pages in their index with the exact term Top Search Engine Ranking.

If you want to make it easier to rank for a term, try to find keywords that have less than 100 thousand results using your term in Quotes.

Well this is it for this post. Now go out there, find your keywords and get ready for the next post about Top Search Engine Ranking as I show you how to analyze the competing pages for your term.

WordPress SEO Themes Part 1

December 18th, 2010 1 comment

spectacles of seoGood SEO all starts with a good page layout. Your site needs to have valid CSS, valid XHTML and have elements on your pages in the stops that the SERPS want to see them.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be trying out different so-called SEO wordpress themes that claim to help your SEO, get better ranking in the search engines to ultimately increase your website traffic.

This theme I’m using on this blog is the Elements Of SEO Theme, so far I like it, it adds a good flow to my blog.

Will keep you all posted on Wordpress SEO themes.

If you have any suggestions, or know of actual WordPress SEO Themes that have helped your search engine rankings, just make a comment.

Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

November 28th, 2009 6 comments

Improving your Search Engine Ranking is one of the best ways to get quality targeted website traffic to your websites.

Showing up in the search results for a highly targeted keyword term on search engines is one of the most critical ways to increase targeted website traffic and expose your product or service to others who might be interested in what you have to offer. Most of the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo, etc, utilize an algorithm to determine where a website ranks in relation to other websites for specific keyword terms. These search engines have set up specific criteria and webmaster guidelines that a website must meet to get to the top 10 search results. The specific criteria are different for each and every engine, but all search engines share several commonalities. It all comes down to the type and amount of content provided on a given website, the level of keyword optimization done on the website, and the popularity of the website (link popularity/PageRank). Tailoring your website so you can improved your search engine rankings is known as search engine optimization, or SEO for short and will definitely increase website traffic.

So how can you improve your search engine optimization SEO and rank higher in the Search Engines? Well lets discuss a few things that you can do immediately.

1) Keyword Research

For this example, we are only going to discuss ranking in Google. This is the biggest and most widely used Search Engine.

Head on over to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool and do some research so you can decide what search phrases you would like to show up for in the search results. This keyword tool will actually show you how many people are actually searching for any specific keyword phase, plus give you a list of terms related to your main keyword. Now before you go start trying to rank for the term “Make Money Online” or something that is highly competitive, there is something else that you need to know when choosing a good keyword to try and rank for.

For your results that you get from the Google Keyword Tool, Pick a keyword that has a Global Monthly Search Volume of 3000 or more, and has a unique competition search result of 30,000 or less. By uniqe unique competition result I mean, go do your regular Google search for the term but put your search term in “Quotes”. This will give you how many different page have that exact search term on their website. If you can find phrases that have the criteria listed above, it will be fairly easy to rank in the top 10 search results on Google.

2) Optimize your site for the main keyword and Related keywords

Don’t just think that plastering your main keyword all over your website is going to get you ranked in Google, doing this is only going to get you banned for keyword spamming. Search engines are a lot smarter today and can pick up on theses little tricks fast. If you want to get ranked for your main keyword, you need to write quality content on your site that is also optimized for the related keyword terms that Google gave you with their keyword tool.

You need to stay focused on the user that will be visiting your website. Give them good quality content to read and don’t too much time trying to please the Search Engine Spiders. Think about what your target market needs and what brought them to your website in the first place, and then put it on your site so that they can find it. The phrase “content is king” still holds true today. If you want to be relevant for specific keywords, than you need good highly competitive content. Write about 300 words or so for each keyword phrase and put it on your site every few days. On average, you should try to target between 3-5 keyword phrases per post that you make on your website. Make it as natural flowing as possible and the Search Engines will reward you with a first-page ranking.

3) Page Titles and Descriptions

Try to make sure that all the pages of your website have custom titles and descriptions related to the content of those pages. If your site is using the same tags for all your WebPages, search engines will have a hard time trying to figure out the subject or relevance of the individual pages.

4) Use Site Maps

Create a site map that shows people where different pages are that you have on your website. About 6% or more people will continue to browse your website just because of your Site Map. If you have keyword rich titles for your pages, these are going to be the links in your site map and people will click the links also, the Search Engines will love it as well.

5) Build Up Your Popularity

So now that you have found the right keyword phrases that you would like to get ranked for in the search engines, you’ve created all of the necessary content for your readers to enjoy, and you’ve also optimized all of your web pages to the best of your abilities. Congratulations – you’re now in the top 80 percent of the websites listed for the keyword phrases you decided to try to target.

Now you need to submit your website to some social bookmarking directories. Simply do a quick Google search for social bookmarking directories and submit your pages to them. In no time they will start linking to you, your pagerank will go up, and you will start seeing first page results in Google.