Blogging Underground Review – Blogging Underground Has Launched

Blogging Underground has launched and it looks to be something that’s really going to help all the less savvy people to finally get their websites ranked in the search engines pretty quickly so I’m going to give you a quick Blogging Underground Review.

I did a test run of the blogging underground backlink network and the site I was using in the system went from page 2 on Google for my keyword (Hummingbird Tattoo) all the way to number 3 on Google in less than a week.

Here are screen shots I have taken of my rankings on Google.

So yes, these backlinks do work pretty darn well.

I’m not too sure how long Mike Liebner is going to keep the membership open for, but I suspect it won’t be for too long so the backlink network doesn’t get to congested for everyone, so I would hurry and get your member ship fast before it’s too late.

I’m sure that your also wondering about any bonuses that might be available, well there are over $2000 worth of bonuses being offered right on their main site.

Hurry and try the trial membership for ONLY $4.95 right now and see for yourself just how powerful this is.

In the mean time, I’m going to make another test on a different website of mine and post a new Blogging Underground Review for you with the results in about a week from now.

Get Your Blogging Underground 7 Day Trial Membership For $4.95

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Blogging Underground Increase Website Traffic Fast

Blogging Underground ReviewBlogging underground by Mike Liebner, is this the real deal for getting your websites to the top of the search engines?

We all know that if you want to increase your website traffic, the best way to do this is to get your site ranked in the top spots of the search engines right?

Well how do we get top search engine rankings and increase our targeted website traffic?

We do this by building targeted and relevant website backlinks pointing back to our websites.

This can be a very time consuming and daunting task but would it not be great to be able to build thousands of relevant backlinks on total autopilot?

So what exactly can blogging underground do for you and your website?

Well first and foremost, blogging underground is a membership site, they offer members access to post in an aged network of over 350 high quality blogs that Google loves and respects. These are aged sites that have many pages indexed. As a member of Blogging Underground, you will be able to post in these blogs and build backlinks pointing back to your pages exactly the way that will get you top search engine rankings fast and easy. The blogs are on aged domains and are spread out on different servers all over the world.

When you join Blogging Underground you can start posting and building these backlinks in their network of high PR blogs immediately. Many members are reporting getting their pages and websites indexed within only a few short hours after posting their links and report top search engine rankings in just a few days after posting their links in the blog network.

How incredible is that?

If you want to save time and get the inside edge on top rankings on Google you should consider a membership at Blogging Underground. It’s very affordable and will save you time and money getting the right kind of links so that you can start building your targeted website traffic immediately.

I’m going to be writing a full blogging underground review very shortly, I’m just finishing up my preliminary testing of it.

So be watching for my full Blogging underground Review, in the mean time, go check out the website and get the free downloads they are offering you.

Official Blogging Underground Website

No Fluff Auto Traffic Tycoon Review

If you’re looking for a real and true Auto Traffic Tycoon Review (ATT), then I suggest that you go and read the review that I real good friend of mine has done about this product BEFORE you decide to purchase it.

If you have been following the new product launch of auto traffic tycoon, then I’m sure that you have already seen many other review sites out there all filled with basic information all trying to persuade you into buying ATT through their website for the bonuses they are offering you.

Aren’t you tired of all these sites yet?

I know I’m damn well tired of seeing it. No one really does a real members review of anything anymore these days. Everyone is just so hell bent on trying to sell you something that it’s getting pretty annoying already.

My good friend has written the most in-depth auto traffic tycoon review that I have seen for any new internet marketing product that I have ever seen. You will get to see actual screen shots of the members’ area, all the e-books that you’re able to download and also detailed information about the main product also.

I’m not sure but, I believe that he may even get bashed for all the information that he has given in his review about auto traffic tycoon. I tried to warn him before he put this review on his blog about this but his response to me was exactly this:

“Anyone and everyone that’s buying all these different products from these highly successful gurus deserve to know the real truth about these products before they buy it, not just a hyped up marketing scheme that most of these new products turn out to be.”

Now how is that? I’m telling you straight up, this review is a pretty long read as he leaves nothing out. So if you’re ready to read a real auto traffic tycoon review from an actual member, click the link below to head over to his official auto traffic tycoon review blog now.

The Official Auto Traffic Tycoon Review Blog

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Auto Traffic Tycoon Review

I’m sure that buy now you have heard the entire buzz about the Auto Traffic Tycoon (ATT) software launch that will be happening tomorrow at around 2pm.

Well a real good friend of mine is doing an Auto Traffic Tycoon Review on his blog. He’s working real hard to bring to you the best information about this new software that he can so you can make an informed decision on if you should purchase this new software when it launches tomorrow.

I would love to give you my own review of ATT here but since I have just heard about it a few days ago, I would not have enough time to get all the great information that my friend already has on his blog about this subject.

So instead, I would like to recommend to you that you head on over to his auto traffic tycoon review blog and help him out a little.

Auto Traffic Tycoon is promising to be the last piece of automated traffic software that you’ll ever need to finally succeed in internet marketing, I guess we will just have to wait and see about this. Almost all new software launches promise this same exact thing, but when you read his post about the creators and who’s behind this software, I think that statement might be right on the money.

Go to his Auto Traffic Tycoon Review blog and post your comments there or ask some questions and let him know your thoughts.

Thanks for helping out.

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Top Search Engine Ranking

December 30th, 2010 5 comments

Top Search Engine RankingSo you want to get top search engine ranking for your websites hey, well this is actually not as hard as most people think it is. All it takes is some good planing, a little research for your keywords, some work on building your backlinks and a little on page SEO for the page that you want to get ranked.

Well let`s get started.

A great way to increase your Internet traffic from the search engines is to try to target lower competition keyword phrases. For this post, I’m going to be targeting the keyword search “Top Search Engine Ranking”.

I will be breaking this post up into different posts as I start doing my SEO work to rank for it, so you can follow along with me and do the exact same thing on your blogs for any keyword that you want to rank for.

Keep in mind, that this keyword is pretty competitive, and will take more work to rank than a keyword with less competition, but this will prove as a great resource for you to follow, so lets get started.

First, let’s take a look at the search volume on Google for this search term.

Total Searches Made

So by using the Google Keyword Tool, we found that this search term receives 3,600 Broad searches, and 1,600 Exact searches monthly.

Let’s now check to see what the competition is for this search term.

Ranking Competition

As you can see, this search term has roughly 249 million resulting pages that get returned, We still have one more search to make to check on this search term.

Exact Ranking Competition

This time, we received roughly 538 thousand resulting pages that got returned. Still pretty high competition and will be a great term to show you how to rank for.

Now you might be wondering, why make the search in quotes?

Well when you make your search in Quotes, Google will return only pages with the Exact search term that you’re looking for. So in our case, Google only returned pages in their index with the exact term Top Search Engine Ranking.

If you want to make it easier to rank for a term, try to find keywords that have less than 100 thousand results using your term in Quotes.

Well this is it for this post. Now go out there, find your keywords and get ready for the next post about Top Search Engine Ranking as I show you how to analyze the competing pages for your term.

Whats The Best Website Traffic

December 18th, 2010 3 comments

Increase Website TrafficThis is something that people always ask and wonder about when they’re trying to build website traffic to their blogs or websites.

So what is the best website traffic?

Well that all depends on what your website is all about, where your website traffic is coming from, are you able to maximize your site traffic that you already have.

If you have a website about golf clubs for instance, but you’regetting website traffic that’s targeted more to people who are looking for information about gold fish, there is no way that you will be able to maximize this traffic to generate any sales at all.

I know, using Golf clubs and Gold fish as a comparison. But this is a great valid point, and the reason I used this relates to your backlink building.

You see, the best website traffic you can get, is targeted website traffic. And this traffic all starts with your link building.

Many people say that all you need to do is build links pointing back to your web site, and just use your related keywords in those links, it don’t matter where you get the links from.

But lets look at the example I used above. Your niche is about Golf Clubs, but you have joined a few forums asking questions, and have added your link to your signature to your golf club site. People click over to your golf club site from that forum. They aren’t interested in your site, they just wanted to see what’s it about and that’s it.

If that link was on a forum related to your niche, those people would have been targeted. Non targeted website traffic really lowers your conversion rates.

So what’s the point I’m trying to make here?

When doing your backlink building, always place your links on related sites. It helps to get the best targeted website traffic and that link will also count for more in the SERPS when it comes to your website traffic rankings, and is this not what we all want?

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WordPress SEO Themes Part 1

December 18th, 2010 1 comment

spectacles of seoGood SEO all starts with a good page layout. Your site needs to have valid CSS, valid XHTML and have elements on your pages in the stops that the SERPS want to see them.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be trying out different so-called SEO wordpress themes that claim to help your SEO, get better ranking in the search engines to ultimately increase your website traffic.

This theme I’m using on this blog is the Elements Of SEO Theme, so far I like it, it adds a good flow to my blog.

Will keep you all posted on Wordpress SEO themes.

If you have any suggestions, or know of actual WordPress SEO Themes that have helped your search engine rankings, just make a comment.

Using Google Alerts To Increase Website Traffic

Not too many people know the advantages of using Google alerts to increase website traffic. I have been using it for a few months now, and I totally love it. It helps me find relevant blogs, websites, or even Groups for keywords that I set up in my alerts, and Google sends me these results directly to my email every day.

For those who don’t know what Google Alerts is, and how you can use them to increase website traffic to your websites or blogs, let me explain to you quickly what it is, and what it can do for you and your SEO.

Google Alerts is a notification / Alert system that Google has set up so you can receive email alerts from Google when ever Google finds specific website pages that you define in your Alert. What these alerts contain are specific keyword terms that you want to keep up on events for.

For example, with the Winter Olympics taking place starting Feb. 11 2010, you can set up an Alert for the keyword term “Winter Olympics” in Quotes, and whenever Google finds that exact keyword term on websites that it crawls, you will receive an email alert about it. Pretty easy to understand, and a very powerful SEO tool that you could use to increase your website traffic and search engine ranking by building super targeted back links.

There are 6 different types of alerts that you can set up:

  1. News
  2. Blogs
  3. Web
  4. Comprehensive
  5. Video
  6. Groups

Each type of Alert is pretty self explanatory but, you can read the Google Alerts Help page for more information about using the Google Alert system.

Now, to increase your website traffic and build targeted back links to help you rank better in the search engines, setup a Google Alert for your main keywords that you want to rank for, and use the types Blogs and Groups. When Google finds your keywords on these types of websites, you will receive an email with a link to the page your keyword was found on.

The reason you want these two is simple. You can post comments on Blog and Groups. See where I am going with this, and do you understand how to increase website traffic using this powerful Google Alerts Feature?

We all know that in order to rank better and to increase website traffic from the search engines, we need relevant back links, and this is the best way to find them with little to no work.

I think that the Google Alerts is one of the best ways to increase website traffic and build yourself some powerful back links pointing back to your website.

Go setup your Google alert, start building your back links and increase website traffic to your blogs or websites today.

Ways To Increase Website Traffic With Articles

Everyone nearly always wants to know how to increase website traffic and drive more targeted website traffic to their web page or blog on a daily basis. This is certainly normally attained by working various SEO traffic methods which help to increase website traffic by either doing it yourself or hiring an experienced person to do this work for them. In the former case, you will end up spending much more time doing it yourself as the processes are very time consuming and cumbersome while in the latter case, you’ll save on time but turn out spending a good amount of money for a SEO service provider.

However, there is certainly one technique which you can use to increase website traffic without having to spend too much or investing lots of time and effort. Using Articles to increase website traffic!

Now the next question that could come to your thoughts are;

How can Article Writing increase website traffic?

It’s quite simple really! The Internet comprises of plenty of information and there are a lot of people, researchers and webmasters who will be looking out for content for his or her blogs and websites. They’ve got a choice where they can either create their own content or search for a reliable article which they might utilize easily and quickly. This is often where you come into play.

This article will describe the points of which you are required to keep in mind while writing your article:

Choosing your Headline:

One must always make a headline that’s appealing. A catchy headline will attract the attention of your viewer all of which will appeal to them to read the article.

Recommended Word Count:

The best article is one which will convey a message, strategy and tips in 500 to 750 words. Making articles too long will dilute the attention from the reader and may even be regarded as a drag.

Recommended Content Software program:

The very best software is Microsoft Word as it has a spell check, word count option, synonyms option, etc. If you don’t have Word, you can use Open Office Word (which is free) or you can use Notepad.

Bio box:

This is when one hits the bulls-eye. Write about yourself, place a link to your website, add a freebie if at all possible, create a call to take action phrase (Download now, Submit now, Click the link, Submit here, etc).

Editing You Article:

After you have written your content, don’t forget to proofread and edit it. Be sure the article is grammatically correct and free of any spelling mistakes, etc.

Now that you’re completed writing the content, the next thing should be to find an online website where you can submit your article to. In this way it is also possible for you to build a web based archive of your entire articles. If they have an article cms, then it’ll be excellent as it automates the submission of the article to your website.

Techniques to increase your website traffic through articles.

This consists of submitting your article to the top pr article submission websites that’ll publish your article on their web site.

Produce a blog in the event you don’t have one and post the article there also.

Create an eBook with an assortment of articles that relate to a topic and give it away for nothing. Whenever you give it away free of charge, you’re actually doing viral marketing which brings in wide exposure.

Add the article in your web blog and when possible do try to generate a little extra revenue with the addition of Google AdSense to it.

You can also create an e-course regarding the articles you have written and send it out through an auto-responder.

Use any social media marketing to create awareness around your posting.

Submit your article to various article announcement groups. One example is Yahoo Groups. These groups give lots of eyeballs to your article as they usually are used on their own websites.

By adopting the techniques listed above, you will be able to receive lots of incoming links which is a great way to increase website traffic and the performance of your respective webpage.

Article Marketing is one of the best ways to increase website traffic for free. Use it every day if you can.

Increasing Website Traffic – Search Engines

December 16th, 2009 1 comment

Increasing Website Traffic coming from the search engines is actually pretty easy if you know what needs to be done so you can get ranked by the search engines.

Search engines are the best resources that you can use to increase website traffic, and with this blog post, I hope to show you how to increase website traffic for free using the search engines.

So lets get started…

The first and foremost important thing you need to do is some keyword research on a niche topic that you know something about. Your basic knowledge about the topic does not have to be lots, just enough to write a short 200 – 300 blog post or even an article to post to different article directories.

So lets get started so we can increase website traffic to your web sites.

First, head on over to the Google Keyword Tool website and type in a search phrase that you would like to get website traffic for. For this example, I am going to use the pets niche and do a search for popular dog breeds.

Popular Dog Breeds

Popular Dog

 As you can see from the above image, the search term Popular Dog Breeds gets searched for approximately 8,100 times per month on Google.

Now the next step that we must do is find out what kind of competition we have on Google for this term.

Make a quick search on Google for your search term in quotes this time like this – “Popular Dog Breeds” and you should get a result something like the image below.

Popular Dog Breeds Google Results

Popular Dog Breeds Google Results

With over 69,000 unique competing pages, this search term might be a little hard to rank for and increase your website traffic, just keep on doing your keyword research like above and try to find a highly searched term that has less than 10,000 competing pages.

Keep in mind that you can do this for any niche that you want to increase website traffic to your website for. Just do your research, write some blog posts about all the related terms for your keyword, and before you know it, you will be getting free website traffic from the search engines.